Thursday, December 29, 2016

Au Revoir 2016!

I just had to make a cliche end of the year blog post didn't I? Well, #YOLO(unless you're a Greek/Roman monster). So, leggo!

If I had to describe 2016 in three words I would say: DIFFERENT QUICK SURPRISING.
2016 for me was a year of learning and changing for the better (and like, realising things duh #sorrykylienotreally), I always thought that letting go of people (who have wronged me) was wrong and hoping that they would magically change was the right thing to do...but, I have learnt this year that sometimes people need to fall apart to learn to get back together again, and that is the most important thing that I have learnt in the past 365-ish days. Also it has been 4 years since the world ended in 2012, 2 years since the start of a very special bond, and 1 year since the last time I thought about a brand new year! 2016 is extra special because I started this blog and started writing poems again, I also decided that i'm gonna make new year's resolutions for the first time in my life (ik it's hard to believe but it's true ^-^),


* Start working out*
* Say "I love you" more*
* Show more emotion*
* Draw waaaay more*

I think these are pretty doable and because they're my first I really wanna be able to keep up and lastly,

Dear Self,

In 2017, do whatever the fudge you want to and don't let anyone tell you otherwise and it's gonna be one hell of a ride so, buckle up, dust your sh*tkickers and lets get this one started! 

All my love,

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