Thursday, December 22, 2016


Here's another poem for all of your reading delight and its about how I wish to live my life. So read on!


Leave behind a beautiful legacy,
One that is good, true and pure.
For what you do is forever remembered,
In the hearts of everyone.

Live and let others live 
And give yourself away 
For the more you give, 
The more you get and,
To be happy means to be at peace
With the demons that lie within
For these demons are your sandpaper
And they make your soul shine bright.

Forgive and forget, it is the only way
To set your soul free.
Fulfil all your heart's desire-
For life is too short,
Too precious to waste even a single moment.
Nothing can stop what is meant to be,
For the universe works in mysterious ways. So let loose,
Let go and let the universe work its spell.

Leave behind an unforgettable legacy.
One with no regrets, apologies and sorrow.
For what you do will haunt you,
If you do not please your soul.


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