Thursday, March 02, 2017

Normal is Abnormal

The biggest problem with our society is that right from the start we're taught to be "normal" and "like everyone else" in order to "fit in". How is it that we have an actual definition of what is normal? Who even came up with this?
We always say everyone is unique in their own way but, when we see or meet someone who is completely different to the general public, we think that they're going through "a phase" or we want them to "act normal". Who are you to decide what normal is for that person?

How have we managed to construct this idea of normal for a population of over 7.4 billion people? Does suppressing the identities of people make us so happy? Just pause for a few minutes and think of the amount of effort that we're putting into fitting into the mould of normalcy that has been constructed, is it really worth it? Many people loose themselves in this journey of being normal and don't know what they actually like anymore and are prepared to go to any extent in order to fit in. If I see one more of those "normal person and me" posts (you know what I'm talking about), or if one more boy tells me that "I'm not like the others" I'm gonna loose it...

I'm sick of people telling me that, "Girls and Boys are supposed to act a certain way." and I'm sick of seeing people being bullied for expressing what they like. I'm tired of telling people that calling someone "gay" or "lesbian" or "trans" is not an insult and that if a boy cries HE IS NOT WEAK. I'm tired of hearing my teachers say, "Girls are supposed to be gentle and mischief is something that's natural for boys." I've had enough of people that want others to change for them, if you don't like the way that person is then with all due respect, stay away from them and I've had enough of people judging each other for not complying to gender norms. Gender norms shouldn't even be a thing.

Whoever you are dear reader, do not be afraid to break the so called rules and gender norms and show who you really are because, in the end people will actually love you for that and do not EVER listen to or stick around people who tell you that you're "abnormal", it's not okay to bully someone or show that they are inferior to you and do not judge anyone when you don't know their story because, nobody is normal.



  1. Totally, totally agree with this!! Everyone has the right to be who they want to be, and I hate that so many people change themselves to fit in with others. I'm a girl but a lot of the time I don't feel like I fit in with other girls, I'm different and damn well proud of it! "The concept of being normal is abnormal" I LOVE that! Great post! IndigoSky x

  2. Thank you so much! :D
    And yeah everyone should be proud and should embrace their uniqueness, you do you girl!

    1. That's ok :)
      Sorry about my slightly over-enthusiastic comment, it's just reading this gave me hope that there are still sane people in the world. XD

    2. No no don't be sorry! I love your comment :D
      And don't ever hesitate about commenting what you feel because comments make my day, especially the overly enthusiastic ones!!

    3. Yeah I get you, I love getting comments on my blog too! XD

  3. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

    1. This is hardly professional, but i'm glad that you think it is :D thank you!


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