Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A to Z tag

Hello! I feel like I haven't posted anything since 2786 years (#extraaf) for some reason. So, I have decided to do the A to Z tag...Enjoy!

A is for Aesthetics
Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing aesthetically pleasing things everywhere it's like medicine for my wild mind.

B is for Beauty
In my opinion beauty is anything that pleases my soul and makes me want more of it.

C is for Change
Over the course of 15 years of my life, I have moved houses 5 times and schools 4 times and I can say that I have fallen in love with the idea of change and I don't think i can live without it.

D is for Dawn and Dusk
 My two favourite times of the day aka when the clouds and the sun decide to play with one and other and create extravagant displays of colour.

E is for Experience
I'm the kind of person who wants to go experience everything on her own, which leads to me often ignoring useful advice given to me (sorry friends).

F is for Food
I am extremely picky when it comes to food but when I like something, buddy, do not expect me to share. Especially junk food.

G is for Games
If you're talking about board games then sign me up ASAP. But, if you're talking about games as in sports I just choose not to play because i'm nice and I want you to have a chance at winning (no it's not because I can't play. Pshh not at all ^-^)

H is for Help
I enjoy helping others and truly love it but I suck when it comes to asking for help regarding my own life. I am getting better at though and it makes me happy.

I is for Iridescent 
Whenever people ask me what my favourite colour is, I always silently wish that I could say iridescent.

 J is for Jokes
I can say that my jokes are very popular amongst my friend circle because they often make them wonder if they have to cry or laugh at my jokes. They even question how they bear with me sometimes.

K is for Kite
Fun fact: there's a random rainbow coloured kite stuck in a tree beside my house and sometimes i open my window and just stare at it for hours.

L is for Lamp
I have never ever owned  a single lamp in my whole life.

M is for Music
I'm not very musically gifted but, I love listening to music whenever I'm free. I've been loving me some k-pop recently thanks to my bestie Chits.

N is for Night sky
The night sky is one of my favourite things to look at. It makes me sad that the night sky in the city area lacks stars and has this orange glow to it that takes away from its beauty.

O is for Obsession
I have a serious obsession for fictional characters and drawing eyes.

P is for Pets
I have two turtles and about a hundred fish.

Q is for Quotes
I spend very dangerous amounts of time on tumblr searching for quotes (see also; word porn).

R is for Reading
Reading books is perhaps the only way I can truly escape from all of my troubles.

 S is for Sun
I absolutely love the sun and it's warmth and truth be told, I cannot function without sunlight hitting my skin on the daily.

T is for Tea
I know all Indians love their Chai but, I truly cannot stand drinking tea (I know shame on me).

U is for Unicorns
I love love love unicorns but, sometimes I think people take this trend too far.

V is for Vacuum
The idea of vacuum fascinates me a lot and I can't help but think about it for hours.

W is for Words
I love playing around with words and I think that we must never underestimate the impact that they can have.

X is for Xerox
Because, why not?! And also, my intellectual capacities have limited me to that word.

Y is for Yelling
The teachers at my school can't stop yelling at me because I'm that annoying kid who questions literally everything and keeps doodling through class (sorry teachers).

Z is for Zap
Saying that word makes me very hyper and I have no clue why.

Hope you enjoyed those little snippets of me! And please drop some music suggestions in the comments, I'm so ready for something new! (please?)


  1. Hey Rithvika I just posted the Cramm Award :-) Once again thanks for nominating me

  2. Finally! I can't wait to read it :D


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