Sunday, April 02, 2017


Please carry me away to forevermore, 
I don't want to be lost anymore; 
All this wandering makes me loose hope...
It's like I'm tumbling down a slope 
Every night I board a taxi, hoping to reach my destination 
Each driver holds, a new promise of determination. 
But every single time, they abandon me,
They give up and leave me be.
One starry midnight,
While waiting for a valiant knight... 
My desperate princess realises, that-
Happiness and freedom is not what she always thought. 
I don't need somebody else to make me complete;
And this poisonous thought I must delete. 
My happily ever after is only possible 
If I learn how to love myself and live beyond this castle!
 Don't wait for the others to realise how amazing you are, love yourself and never underestimate yourself only then you will be free and only then you will be happy.


  1. Wow! This poem was amazing honestly you could be a famous poet and I'm really not just saying that. Really, really beautiful! :-)

    Also just to let you know I posted The Cramm Award, once again thanks for nominating me :-)

    1. AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! totally freaking out right now :D
      And yeah i've read it! Thank you for participating :D

  2. i hope this wasn't about what you had told me earlier

    1. I don't know...but, I don't see how it can be because of that.

  3. Rithvika you wrote an amazing poem . I felt so nice reading it .

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