Monday, April 17, 2017

Missed me?

Hey, whats up, hello?
It's me again, hope I haven't been forgotten yet?
I'm just popping in today to give you a quick update of my 'oh so interesting life', 
dun dun dun.

School's over and I'm in the 11th grade now (i don't even know how), so I've got to start being more career oriented and responsible and serious and all that "fun" stuff (sobs in corner). Im on summer break right now and let me tell you that life hasn't been more fun, like ever, okay maybe that time when I put a bug in my brother's shirt was more fun but, you get the point.
Anyways back to...summer break. Well, its not really summer break yet, because I have four days of school in between but does that even count? I'm very excited for this summer in particular because it's probably my last summer of freedom because next summer i'll be busy stressing out about college and dying inside (no big deal) and also A LOT of exciting things are happening this summer, and this time I don't mean the number of movies I've watched or the amount of nachos I've consumed, I'm referring to actual fun things! I've made a list of those things because a) Lists are awesome and b) Lists are just awesome okay?

A summer is never complete without going on vacation, amiright? or amiright? And this is time we're going on a road trip across the country, which means awesome views and tons of photo opportunities which also means travelling blogposts!!

The time finally arrived, I'm going to start making digital paintings, I have been looking forward for a time like this since I have discovered the concept of it (which is a really long time).

I just bought an art journal and have taken an oath to go crazy and show absolutely no mercy to this book. The oath also includes making it very aesthetically pleasing and actually remembering to work on it ^-^'

  1. I got a new phone! aka major upgrade from my 16GB iPhone 5 to a 128GB iPhone 7.
  2. I have made art (okay one painting, but still art).
  3. I am making serious efforts to be social and hangout with people, yay me!
  4. I started going to a design course, to actually be productive and serious.
  5. I made an instagram! follow me at ritz_1712 (shameless plug-in).
That is all for today and fear not, for I shall be back with more exciting and coherent blog posts!

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