Monday, March 13, 2017



is extreme, it is the feeling of anger as well as intense love and passion. It pumps adrenaline and makes you want more, it makes you fight for what you love. It is the aching of your heart and the wrath of your mind. Red is fuel to the fire of your soul.

is the steady flame of hope; though sometimes dim, it never completely burns out. It pushes you to try harder and transition into better times. It is always present at the back of your mind and helps you think, process and solve. Orange is that annoying friend that's always optimistic.

is home, it's a safe place for all things cozy and warm. The more you add, the merrier it becomes. It is made of beams of light and the warm feeling of being cared for, it is the feeling of being loved. Yellow is everything that is pure in this world.

is confused, it doesn't know whether to be yellowy or bluey. It's the point that you question everything and go on an adventure to seek the true meaning of your life. Just like nature, it is sanctuary for the haywire thoughts of our mind that take the form of creatures. Green is curiosity and the thirst for realness.

is the feeling of drowning, it is the the icy cold touch of betrayal and hate. It wishes to freeze your heart and douse the steady orange flame. You finally realise why warm and cool tones often go hand in hand, they are in constant battle. Blue is like a drug; once in a while it helps you float but get addicted to it and it'll kill you, slowly but, surely.

is the state of recovery, it represents the struggle of a broken person. It depicts the aftermath of a war scene, a bitter-sweet tragedy. It's when you have to say enough is enough and take a pledge to stop at nothing but greatness. Indigo is like the slap that you need to get you out of limbo.

is confidence, it portrays self-love and worth. It shows that you are not just another thing and that what you do has the potential of transforming the universe. It shows that, just like galaxies, there is so much more to you than what meets the eye, Violet is the swing of your step and the sass of your comebacks.

So, I tried something new this time, hope you guys like it! And tell me about your favourite colour and what it makes you feel ☻


  1. This is a unique and interesting post.
    It's amazing that colour has the ability to shape our emotions.

    Personally, i'm a sucker for the colour red (not to the extent that everything that I own is red, though). Red is warm and powerful, and inviting yet sturdy.


    1. I really like red too!
      I feel like it's such a vibrant and deep hue and you can never go wrong with it :D

      Thanks for commenting btw

  2. Nice post! My favourite colour is blue, as I find it peaceful and relaxing. I especially like deep blues and indigo (which you can probably tell from my name XD)

    1. That's really nice!
      Now i feel like i haven't gone enough justice to both of those colours haha.

      Thank you for the comment though, i love hearing opinions ;D

  3. Really nice post and interesting info about the colours!
    And I think that in a way colours exist in order to let us send a message... show to other how we feel about thins and ourselves...

    Have a nice weekend!! Regards from Spain :)

    1. Thank you so much :D
      Love your comment haha

  4. what a cool reflections! I agree that colors can change our mood! For me it's hard to choose one colour, because I'm always working with them and sometimes I fell in love with one tone until I find another... but my favourite color in childhood used to be blue!

    1. Thank you :D
      And yeah I agree, it's hard to choose a favourite when one paints a lot haha


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