Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Just An Update

Behold ye another update from my life! (maybe that makes it sound interesting?)

Yesterday, I went to Glendale(a school) for the third time and guess what? I have finally decided on my curriculum and subjects (yayyy)!!! I have decided on:
Art: I have wanted to study this since forever.
* History: my fav subject!
Business Studies: it'll be interesting, hopefully.
* Mathematics: ik I hate math but, hey it'll be useful.
* English: duh, it's mandatory
Also, if I'm not comfortable with my choice of subjects, I have one month to go "subject-shopping"(sounds exciting right? ^-^) and I can change my subjects entirely if I don't find them intriguing enough so that's very very convenient, if you ask me.
I kinda don't wanna brag but, my school is being super duper nice (surprise, surprise) and is displaying the work of the best artists of the school in The State Art Gallery for 2 days aka 17th and 18th December (seriously though, best birthday gift EVER) and uhm this one's paintings are also going to be displayed *screams internally*
Aand, pretty soon (aka on my birthday) imma give this very blog a makeover! There's gonna be new pages, an improved template, a new background, a new colour scheme and everything and hopefully you guys will like it. As you can tell I keep getting bored of the way this blog look but truth is I really loove changing things up every once in a while (ya feel me?).

I guess that's all for today and in case you thought that I forgot about that December Appreciation Tag I am doing, you are mistaken my friend. You best believe that there's gonna be a post on 15th and/or 31th of this very month!

Oh! I almost forgot...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMA!!!!!!!!! (btw this makes me the first to wish you!)
Love you loads 💖💖

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