Saturday, December 17, 2016

15 Things I Learnt At 15

In case ya didn't get the brief- IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! *pops confetti in the background*

So I decided to write down 15 things that I have learnt in the 15 years of my awesome -not so much- existence. Here goes...

1. Always help when you can.
2. Cherish every single moment in life, be it big or small.
3. Think before letting people in.
4. Prioritising yourself isn't always selfish.
5. Kindness and love are the most valuable things that can be given.
6. Holding back emotions is very unhealthy.
7. To give means to get.
8. Nothing compares to the feeling of making someone smile.
9. Treat your people dearly because they might not always be around.
10. Life is too short to hate anyone.
11. Crying sometimes is okay.
12. You can't run away from people or emotions they demand their presence to be felt.
13. Smiles and laughter are priceless.
14. I do matter.
15. Stop complaining about life.

A huge Thank You to everyone that made my day special today!! Love you guys A LOT.

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