Monday, January 02, 2017


Everyone has certain things or even people that give them a new found meaning to life and keep them from breaking, to be honest it's crazy and insanely beautiful how we humans associate the deepest of emotions with the most random things ever. So, I wanted to start this year's blogging journey with a few things that inspire me and give me courage to go on and venture unto the unknown as I am a hundred percent sure that 2017 is going to be very new and challenging for me because I'll be in a NEW SCHOOL and will have completely DIFFERENT SUBJECTS and BRAND NEW people in my life.


I love observing people, no talking, no eye contact, just me looking at them in their raw perfection (I'm weird like that). I think it's absolutely beautiful when people don't care about how the universe sees them. This, makes me fall in love with our world all over again.

Some people(fictional characters included) are the manifestation of goodness, like what they do can mean no wrong, ever. Being kind makes such a big difference and it will always be 100x more valuable than putting someone down. I wish to do only good for I believe it's the road to finding inner peace.

Everything about feeling just sounds so dam satisfying, just saying the word emotion or feelings gives me goosebumps- the good kind. It's such a mystery how every single one of us feels differently and it's so fascinating to watch how we fit together. 

I am the kind of person that goes crazy about details- the little kind of details, the ones that most people don't give care about. I am the person that notices and cares and gets inspired to crave such perfection in the things that I do everyday.

What we read is eventually who we become, believe it or not- you, me, everyone tends to pick up a thing or two from the characters that speak to us the most. To me, good writing feels like peeping into the depths of another unique soul and connecting with it on another level.

No matter what life throws at you dear reader, always remember to go and look back at the things that inspire you because they will aid you in getting through it all- sorrow, pain and even happiness. So, let's begin the journey of 2017! Shall we?


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