Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Icarus and Sun

They tell me that I'm going insane, that you are  driving me insane and I know that self-destruction is inevitable. But oh darling, 
I am Icarus and you are the Sun 
and our fate was certain right from the start- one of us would burn with such fervour brightness that even destruction would be a synonym for perfection and the other would happily combust into a beautiful, broken pile of ash, still smitten by the Sun's love and I being the latter couldn't care less as long as you are mine. 
People say that I deserve better but I just feel bad for them for they are incapable of seeing  the true beauty of my Sun. Too bad, they will die without knowing the purest form of love that ever existed, a love that burns so brightly that it makes the whole world light up. 
So, I rise and rise and rise, into the sky of your divine soul and I can feel pieces of me melting away as I explore further but my dear I do not mind burning at all because this will make us one and there will be no me without you. 
I am Icarus and you are my Sun 
And, Loving you was the most 
Exquisite form of
Self Destruction. 

So yeah I lied to everyone, but the truth is...ICARUS & SUN are my my OTP. Also I have realised how broken what I wrote is but hey, just like Magnus Bane (also, Malec anybody?)- I love broken things. And incase you don't know about the story of Icarus, read it here. Also I imagine the Sun as a girl and Icarus as a boy (but you can do it anyway you like). 

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