Thursday, January 26, 2017

That Time Of The Year

So it's that time of the year again, IT'S EXAM TIME and I am told that the exams that I am about to write this year are going to define my future, because, you guessed it- its 10TH GRADE board exams.
To be honest I do not get why there is so much hype about them, we have 2 pre-boards and then the actual exams go on for a whole month and that's like three months of exams! To be very honest, out of these three months i'll probably only study properly for like 2 weeks, because I know that 14 days is enough to finish studying and I am the kind of person that never finishes studying before time. A few of my friends claim to have completed studying and are 'perfect' with everything and that they only need to revise (good for them man!), but you see I don't believe in the concept of revising for days together, because once I know something, I know it and it's not that easy to forget for me.
Which leads me to the situation that I am in currently...the state wanting to do something, but not being able to execute, let's call it creative constipation (because why not?). I have sooo many new art and craft ideas and tons and tons of books on my TBR list, that I just can't tick off, now you're probably like, "Why don't you just do them Rithvika?". well, I cannot do them because my parents get all worked up and say stuff like, "You're in 10th grade go study!". And to top it all off, there's my neighbour's kid who wakes up at 5:00 am to study and stays up till 1:00am, that kid is just making my life harder because my parents keep comparing me to him.
So basically I'm very frustrated and feel like someone has hit the PAUSE button of my brain and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THESE EXAMS TO FINISH!
Also can we take a moment to appreciate this 

Anyways hope I survive these sucky 3 months ;-;


  1. Hey!

    I completed highschool just over a month ago (the South African system is a bit different from other schooling systems). Anyways, it's so easy to feel like every single exam bares the weight of the world. Here comes the cliche: it doesn't. It's important tot work hard but also to just do your best.

    I know people who woke up, like your neighbour does (if not earlier) and work till the early hours in the morning and I also know people who worked from 14:00-20:00 and did better than the early riser.

    Don't compare yourself, although your parents may.
    You've got this!


  2. Hey!
    Thank you so so much for the encouragement and yeah exams are just a part of life they are not LIFE.
    (also I really love your blog!)


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