Wednesday, October 26, 2016

That Was Me, The Good Friend...

I wanna try something different for this post so brace yourself. Basically, I'm gonna write an incident using this writing prompt from tumblr >

'So we're repeating our weekly routine of fighting on chat again, but why on chat? why don't you have the guts to fight with me at school? And now you are swearing at me, great. I don't understand this, on weekdays- when we have school -i'm your best friend but on weekends i'm the one that's ruining your life....and i'm willing to try one more time, i'm going to try and fix this special bond that we share. Friendship....gods ours is so complicated.
So I start typing again, and this time it will be different because I will not apologise, I will simply remind you about all the things that I did for you and all the problems that we solved together and the rest is up to you. At some point of time tears start dropping onto the screen but whatever right? I mean crying now is better than crying later. I read the message one last time before sending it...
REMEMBER that time when you wanted to isolate yourself from the whole world? You didn't think even think about everyone else or me....I dunno what the heck you were thinking when you randomly walked out of class, but someone followed you and that someone really really cares about you, even if you don't; they'd follow you anywhere just to see if you were doing fine without them. That someone never ignored you when you needed help and even when you had the silliest fights they helped you come out of it, that someone could see that it mattered even when others couldn't. They could see when you were broken, and often wondered how others couldn't because your face was like an open book. Someone was always there for you- pulling you out of bad times and keeping you in control during the extremely good ones, that someone never got fed up of having to say sorry, even when they didn't mess up. But that's what it means to be friends doesn't it? One person always has to be the one who abandons their ego in order to keep the bond functioning. Oh, and just in case you didn't understand by now.....I just wanted to say that, that someone I mentioned above....that was me, the good friend
My thumb lingers on the keypad for while and then I press it, I close my eyes after hearing the *ping* and hope for the best, for me and for my dear friend.....'

Yayyy you survived! I know this one was kinda sad-ish, but next time I promise it'll be happy ^-^.

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