Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sick Yet Again

Despite being a belonephobic person the one thing that I hate more than needles and sharp stuff is FALLING SICK. Oh, in case you're wondering yes, I am sick right now, and no, it's not anything "serious" (if you care :3).
Many people may actually enjoy being sick because all of us do get special treatment when we're sick and mom cooks anything that we want but the problem is I don't feel like eating when i'm sick so it's just my mom and dad yelling at me saying, "If you don't eat your fever won't go away fast.....blah, blah, blah."  and they keep throwing random medical terms at me and trust me when I say that I fail at taking my medicine on time like no other. The worst part is that awkward period when i'm just like: I think I might have a fever, I feel really weak, and then the next moment i'm like stop being such a brat, it's probably nothing and BAM! the next day my parents are like: "why aren't you telling us if u feel weak...blah blah blah, medical terms, etc.." Also, being sick is booring and annoying because I feel like doing stuff but my body is all like - lol nah...just stahp, I am usually an unproductive potato but when i'm sick that just goes to a whole new level. And If you wanna find out what your inner potato is then take this quiz, and tell me! Ookay that was random-ish, but if you -like me- are one those people who think that you're too random then do this to find out! (yep I have a thing for almost everything *double thumbs up*).

Anyways, here's what i've been doing to keep myself entertained:
* Shamelessly stalking artists aka: itslopez, loish, qinniart, fukari, cyarine, zandraart, gabriel picolo on deviantart and wondering why i'm so useless at drawing, cue several hours of self pity.
* Watching movies, I watched Pink with my mom today and whoaa all the actors killed it! (it's been a loong time since i've watched a move as good as that).
* Acting like the superior being of the house ^-^.

PS: shoutout to my friend for covering my favourite song in the whole dam world- Carousel on piano. You made my day Vineet thanks! Here's a link to the cover:

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