Friday, October 07, 2016

Sun's Light

Yes, I am aware that sunlight is the more frequently used word but, sun's light sounds more lovely and poetic. So yeah, enjoy this poem and do tell me your opinion about it! (please). 

 Sun shines upon me in thin strands-
Spreading it's warm grace over my skin
I rise and spread my wings, to fly
And it suddenly dawns upon me, 
I am not free to go for I am locked in a cage-
A cage of words, telling me wrong from right,
Letters strung together, forming hurtful words,
Perhaps, all the cage wants to do...
Is keep me safe- away from what lays ahead,
I have heard that it is horrid and scaring- to say the least.
But at least I will be free, and free I hope to be-
Free to love, to hate, to be happy and cry-
Be whomever I choose to be with no one to stop me
I will break free from this confinement.
There is so much more to me-
So much more than I let you see, let me go
Let me run wild! I am not to be tamed-
Not meant to be you or by anyone
I wish to be drenched in the Sun's light,
Allow me to bathe in it wholly
Oh, dear cage, please tell me. Why?
Why do you trap me? you know this is my life,
My battle, my heart, please let me live it, fight it, love it.
Every single letter feels like a bead-
That is being strung on a necklace that hopes to choke me.
So, before I succumb to this. This torture...
Give me the key, open the gates and let me go
Let me fly just as all birds are supposed to,
Let me discover what lays beyond,
Unlock me, for I wish only-
To bathe in Sun's light.
PS: inspiration for this poem came from having too many opinions and words shoved into my head (just for the sake of it).


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