Friday, October 14, 2016

What's Up?

This post is just sort of a life update. I guess. And it's just for me to know what's going on in my life right now :3

I got my marks yesterday and boy were they bad (save two subjects), and yes I promised myself that i'll work waaay more harder than before (which will most probably fail, but hey it's a start). Yesterday was also the first time I went to school after 15-ish days of vacation and the cycle starts again:

seriously though.
Well if you wanna know how my vacation went, I would say it was amazing because 1. I climbed soo many trees, 2. I finished reading 6 books, 3. I painted, 4. I went out with a lot and 5. Just pure laziness, watching movies and consuming an alarming amount of nachos is never bad, amiright*? The vacation was also somewhat productive as I went school-hunting (3 schools, and still no clue ;-;). It scares me that I have only 4 months left to make a major life decision i.e choose my curriculum and subjects for the next 2 years, the only thing I know is i'm taking Arts and I have absolutely no clue regarding all the other subjects. 

Before I get too ahead of myself let's make a list shall we? A list of what I wish to accomplish in the coming 2 and a half years >

*Find my drawing style (start making digital art).
*Get a 10 CGPA.
*Not suck so much at math. 

Yeah that's pretty much it. And i'm not allowed to read any books for the next 4 months because: BOARDS! And also because my mom will smack me with the book ^-^ if I am found reading. She thinks that reading is a distraction and I have to spend all that time working hard (which is kinda true). We'll see how i'm gonna survive the "dry spell"**The next time I post I hope that I won't be so clueless :3

*okay, okay I know- nachos are very fatty and unhealthy. 
**yeah life without books for me is worse than drought because I cannot survive without the rain of good literature.

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