Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Problems? Problems.

I think about them so much that the word has started to loose all of it's meaning. Seriously though, what even is a problem? Consider this for a moment...what you think of as a problem may not even be a big deal for someone else. Let's continue with more questions (yeah like a mini test, you're welcome)- Do people deal with problems in the same way? Do they experience the same amount of misery? How will you help your people deal with problems? (the answer is no because people are well, complicated).

Everyone has different thought processes and their gears turn differently. Now, I dunno about you, dear reader but I love, love, love dealing with problems, it makes me feel like I have some purpose in life and also nothing compares to the amount of satisfaction you get after dealing with one. Before I start going on and on about this I just wanna say that i'm not exactly an expert at solving stuff but I happen to have some idea on the topic in concern. As we all know, I'm different, you're different, I had different experiences and so did you and this, dear reader, (as you have already guessed) plays an important role in determining how we deal with situations. So if your people come to you hoping for some help in dealing with their problems, the first thing that you do is listen and while you're listening please keep in mind that you have probably experienced more problems than them, so never ever write them off as silly or ask them to "just forget about it". Just like pain, your mind keeps getting adapted to solving different levels of problems and the more you face the better you get at dealing with them. This probably doesn't make any sense so lemme explain with an example:
Remember that time when you scraped your knees for the first time? You, just like me, probably thought that no other pain in the world can be worse than this but then after that you probably broke your arm or leg and that superseded this previously felt pain (after that life throws at you different sub-topics of pain like emotional pain, physical pain etc. but let's talk about that another day). And it's as simple as that really, if you look at problems are like pain: the more you experience the better you get at dealing with them.

It is very important to understand that not everybody can be like you and not everyone has gone through the same stuff, so you as a person who cares about them has to show a little bit of empathy and convince your brain to process that problem to be of the same magnitude that the person in concern describes it to be. And this my friend is how I deal with my peoples' problems (because I love them and I want to give them the best advice possible.)

P.S: I'm no expert at this and the whole process is still a wip for me and I dunno what to write for the "happy post" that I have promised so, I'll most probably write it from a prompt.

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