Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Take Two!

Heyy, I know I know long time no post, but what can I say? exams happened. Anyways here's some deep stuff (maybe)...
Call it what you may: another shot, one more opportunity, a do over....the synonyms are endless and second chances are too. After a period of thinking about second chances and forgiveness, I've come to realise that the most important people in my life
wouldn't be there in it if I hadn't gotten or given them another shot at making things right, no not right...better. But, I'm pretty dam sure that a few questions like; Why should I give second chances? and Why should I give them even when I'm not sure that things will get better?, still haunt all of us.
In my opinion, second chances are a proof of everything that's good about being human, they show that we CAN CHANGE and that if you do not like who you are right now you CAN GET BETTER. Without second chances none of us would get this very precious opportunity of developing ourselves and helping everyone around us in doing the same. In the end the most important thing that we need to understand is that everyone makes mistakes, but then again everyone learns from them; so the best thing that a person can do is let them learn, let them grow into a better person. This, dear reader, I believe can only be done by taking a chance and having faith in people, I know that sometimes nothing ever changes and the same things repeat again and again, but think about all those times when things actually changed for the better. I think that everyone deserves at least one do over, and when it comes to me personally, I'd definitely give someone another shot if I really cared about them because I would obviously want them to grow and improve.

So, yeah I give a lot of people second chances because if I were in their place I would want them to do the same for me, and one more thing dear reader, if a person is rooting for you for the second time please, please make and effort to make things work, if you cannot do that then don't ask for a do over (because that just might make them loose hope in humanity and we don't want that do we?).

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