Friday, November 11, 2016

List Of Happiness

Here's what I want you guys to think about when you're reading my post:
"What does happiness mean to me?"
Why you ask? Simply because I want to encourage you, dear reader to take a moment from that busy life of yours that's full of hustle and work, to think about what really makes you happy.
Something, anything that pleases the depths of your soul and leaves you with a new hope, it could be a thought, a thing or even a person (I also encourage writing it down for further use).

Here's my list, a list of things that ignite me and make me truly happy:

Good literature 
Creating art
Genuine compliments
Handwritten letters
Long phone calls
Deep conversations
Helping people
Summer days and Starry skies
Kickass clothes 
Hardcore tumblr stalking
You, dear reader

PS: My list has 13 things because 13 is my favourite number ^-^. Feel free to share your list with me either in the comments or e-mail it to me at, I would absolutely love, love, love to read it :3

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