Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stormy Days

Before I leave you guys to read my poem, here's little backstory...
When i'm sad, I always always imagine a storm cloud on my head, this storm slowly spreads through my mood, and I feel like every time I speak to someone when i'm sad, i'm giving a bit of my storm to them, so most of the time I avoid speaking. As you are reading, you will notice that every line starts with the word that the previous line ends with, this is done to show that sadness slowly builds up on everything that one feels and it creates a chain reaction. This pattern is broken towards the end to show that I have decided to fight back. Hope you enjoy reading!


storm clouds on my head, it rains everywhere:
everywhere i go, they won't stop pouring.
pouring out my feelings is hard, but if,
if and only if, i stop absorbing it all.
all of which evaporates, needn't be stored 
stored to the brim and it all falls down.
down is where i'm headed, this sadness is like
like me hitting an iceberg and sinking to the ground.
ground me, or i'll float away and my storm will carry on
on and on it'll wreak havoc, grey clouds all over. 
over and about the hail roars, and my thoughts-
my thoughts- foggy, where'd the colour go?
go away and bring me back my sunlight, 
sunlight is hard to get, but i am willing
willing to fight for my sun, i might break
break away, break apart this pattern.
everyday is a new beginning and 
my beloved sun will come back to me

This poem was written on a really bad day and romanticising sadness in general is kinda bad but, I just had to get all of it out somehow.


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