Sunday, August 07, 2016

Current Mood: Blessed

Well why do i feel blessed? It's because I have a bunch of AMAZINGLY AWESOME people that I call friends in my life.
So, here's my thank you note for being in my life and just being yourselves:

You're the
Cherry to my pie
Milk to my cookie
Blue in my sky
Cheese to my pizza
Twinkle in my eye
Laces to my shoes
Straw to my berry
Thing that makes me high 
And I just want you to know 
That whenever you need me
I'll be there in your heart :D

Wow that was cheesy but honestly you guys deserve all the cheese in the world! Also don't forget to remember that no matter where you are or how we are - if you need someone talk to or just be there for you call me, I give 100% guarantee that I'll be there for you. And most of all thank you for putting up with all of my weirdness and for never judging me!



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