Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nothing Much Actually.

I know, I know the post title sounds a lot like the generic reply to one of those generic conversations that one has when they are not quite interested. But, there is a somewhat valid reason behind the title and bear with me till I get there.

So, my day mainly comprised of thinking about what to write about, what to do and stuff like that....and this was because there is literally nothing special / major going on in my life right now. My daily routine for the past month has been going a little like this: EAT SLEEP STUDY READ REPEAT. Hence the title "Nothing Much Actually."

I also realised that I have become so used dealing with problems and constantly doing something (be it projects or prep for competitions) that I have forgotten to cherish doing nothing and enjoy the bliss of being just "#basicaf".

And, starting from right I am going to enjoy every moment of my life; be it major or not and honestly imma just chill out! because everyday is special in it's own weird and amazing way and some days are productive while others can be just - meh! The most important thing is learning to accept
the fact that doing nothing and being happy is also very essential for survival XD

So, current life status:

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