Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Some read for joy, some read for knowledge. I read to escape from the real world into many more, reading to me is like therapy to a madman, without it all sanity is lost.
Every book takes me into a new world and it's like for that moment i'm transformed into the world that the author has created. Reading a book is a beautiful and addicting journey that will change you in some way or the other.
I love books because I love that moment when I open a book something in my mind clicks and reality becomes a blur and I am truly transformed into the authors playground of raw emotions and experiences (this one time I was reading and didn't even notice a full on fight that was happening right beside me). I love books not because they tell me that dragons, monsters etc. exist, but I love that they tell me that all the bad guys can be defeated by mere strength and love.

Edmund Wilson once said that, "No two people read the same book."
This is very true because everyone reads for different reasons and everyone is looking for something different for it is what we have inside is what we see. The letters, the words, the sentences and the story might be the same but, the thoughts that run through the mind when reading is different for everyone. Different people experience different things while reading the same exact book and this is mostly based on what's going on in their mind at that moment.

According to me, a book is good when one thinks about nothing but the story and I love it when certain parts of the story give me chills.

So, here are some fandoms that I am loyal to:
Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus
The Divergent Series
Kane Chronicles
All of the John Green books
Mortal Instruments (which I am currently reading)

P.S: I also really really like The Alchemist.

P.P.S: comment your favourite books!

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