Saturday, June 02, 2018

Sexism Ain't Cool

scream it from the top of buildings,
About over a year ago, this boy from my class thought he was ending the battle of the sexes forever by making a very absurd statement, he said- "Boys are better than girls. Why else would the whole female population submit to centuries of oppression?"

At the time, I didn't have a definitive answer so I didn't say anything. I like to think I'm well equipped now, so, I'll give it a shot

First, it's not a battle. Second, why would any community especially one that made up half of the world's population choose to be willingly subjected to cruelty and subjugation? They don't. And third, if we go by my classmate's "analogy"- racism, Nazism and other types of discrimination can be easily justified, and we all know now that it is morally incorrect to think that way and that every human is equally capable and worthy of opportunities. When it comes naturally for (the majority of) us to dismiss these other, very similar, social evils as immoral and just plain wrong, why can't we see sexism as the exactly the same thing?

Yes, women were oppressed in the past but, that doesn't mean that they are incapable of doing what is traditionally known as a man's job. History of oppression of women, or any community, doesn't show the weakness of the oppressed. It shows the cruelty and entitlement rooted deep into the minds of the oppressors. Everyday that we put in a conscious effort to acknowledge the struggles of the female population and try to break from the bounds of toxic masculinity, is a tiny step closer towards  equality of the sexes.

Do not try to belittle or ignore the problems faced by the opposite sex just because your sex faces problems too. Why wish to live in a world where everyone is treated unfairly when we can come together and treat each other with the respect that we deserve? Feminism is not about girls above boys, feminists do not hate men, and boys can be feminists too. Being casually sexist and making broad conclusions about a whole sex isn't cool, it's derogatory and completely unnecessary.

We must at the very least try to evaluate somethings that we say or do and make an effort to change them and be a better citizen of the world. So next time, instead of saying not all men or hating on other girls, let's actually try and educate people for a change.


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