Friday, September 30, 2016

The Change Has Been Made!

Greetings people of the interwebs!
Now you might notice something a tad bit different on my blog i presume? (could I be anymore subtle?).
I have made a few changes and by few I mean 3 changes, really. Let me walk you guys through them (because that's what good hosts do).
Numero uno: I have changed the background into this delightful fudgsicle gif by popsicle illusion, who in case you didn't know is an amazing artist! Now some might ask me, "Ritz, uhm why'd you change your BG it was perfectly good." well there's three reasons:
  1. One fine day  I put my laptop away (see also: it was dead) and I opened this blog on the iMac and I realised that the picture did not cover the whole screen! (it did on my laptop). And it would be an understatement to say that I was cringing so hard on this.
  2. I also realised that I didn't like my face popping up every dam (pjo ref) time someone opened the blog.
  3. And colourful gifs (especially with food) are my fav, I realised.
Yes, I typed "realised" a lot to use this gif ^-^
Numero dos: This one not that noticeable I guess, but I removed the link to my tumblr and added a new page called "Photography" mostly because I don't post that much on tumblr and also because I think I take decent-ish pictures and I really wanna show you guys some of em.

Numero tres: I have a Favicon!!! (internally screams). You guys don't have to see the boring Orange "B" thing anymore on the tabs bar :D

That's all of the changes I made and also:
My exams are over and vacation starts today!!!!! (FREEDOM).
Yes, I went out with my friends for waay too long and finished reading a 300 page book in 3 hours. Gotta stick to the holiday ritual, amiright?

PS: I am officially jobless now and have no clue on what movies to watch would be really really nice if you guys gave me some suggestions.


  1. Did u read the Percy Jackson series??

  2. YESS i've read it like 5 times :3
    (i'm a huuge fangirl)


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