Sunday, October 02, 2016

Don't Say It.

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Before jumping into the deep aspects of life that my post will hopefully be, let's take a moment to remember all the times that we have ignored someone when they needed us or told them to shut up (it will be useful in like 2 minutes, I promise).

Imagine this situation >
 You are sitting with someone that you look up to (could be your best friend, significant other, anyone really). Now, you are telling this person about what you believe in and your passions, or maybe you're just telling them about your problems. This person suddenly finds something more important than what you're saying and says, "Gods, you're boring me, just shut up and let me watch the game." (it could be watching the movie or texting- there's endless possibilities)After you hear this you're probably thinking: "Am I always this boring?", "Maybe my dreams and passions are just worthless.", "I am never going to tell anyone they'll just be bored.", "No one really cares about me." etcetera etcetera. And then you say, "Sorry, I bored you."

Okay, now snap out of that real quick and let's go back to the people that came to your mind in the first 3, think of the reasons why you ignored them or asked them to shut it. I bet that at least one time the reason was that you found something else to do. I think that question we really need to ask ourselves is: "Was that distraction really worth hurting the person?"(it's not). I don't wanna guilt trip you dear reader but, every single time they trust someone else enough to start letting them in, they'll stop after every few sentences and say: "Am i boring you?", "Sorry, i'm just blabbering."(I say this from experience).

And it's so sad that, every time a person talks to me about their passions or problems, they ask me if they're boring me. From today I am making a promise that whenever I hear this i'll say, "No, you are not boring me, you're passions are beautiful." because NO ONE  deserves to be interrupted when talking about something that makes their eyes light up and travel into another dimension . NOBODIES dreams or passions or problems should be passed off as just "boring". Also, if you are feeling guilty right now, you can go and apologise to those people right now, and trust me that they'll never doubt themselves again or feel worthless.

Thank You for sticking with me till the end of this post and if you are the person who was the victim of this, here's the apology on behalf of the person:

PS: The above doesn't apply to terrorists or anyone who wants me or my friends to die :D

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