Monday, July 03, 2017

Little Me

So, the other day (see also yesterday) I realised that I was (am) a very weird kid. How have I realised this you ask? Well two of my friends and I were walking and we somehow ended up talking about *drumroll* our childhood (Well more like pre-adolescence). Anyways that is when I realised that, none of my friends could relate to what I said and up until that moment I thought that everyone must've done the same things. But, apparently not. Anyways here's a list of, you guessed it...

weird things i used to do when i was little

I used to stare at the sun for hours and hours on family roadtrips because I thought it would give me magical powers and I used to block all conversation out to achieve this (NEWS FLASH- didn't work).

I used to make lather out of soap and water in a bucket and sit in it and pretend like I was living in a cloud. Hope I could still do that but sadly, I don't fit into buckets anymore.
(I also liked pretending it was ice cream and even tried to sell it).

Once, I dumped a huge bottle of bubble solution into the AC vent of my car and the whole car was filled with bubbles and I secretly hoped that the bubbles would take me to another dimension,

I used to love catching frogs, snails and even tried to keep them as pets.
(Isn't the feeling of a snail moving on your palm the best feeling ever?).

I was playing with a baby cow in my village and ended up falling asleep with her. (cow if you're out there, I MISS YOU).

I freaking loved making my friends climb rocks and trees, and "explore", because it would always get them into trouble and I thought, "well, it must've been a fun time for them if it was worth getting into trouble for." (I know, I know such top class reasoning).

I spent a huge amount of my time trying to make friends with birds, and holding a bird in my hand was the best feeling ever.

Whenever there was a crescent or a half moon, I thought the sky was smiling at me. (and I also thought that we can decide whether a person is an optimist or pessimist by asking them if the sky was smiling or frowning).

That's all I can think of at the moment but I will be 100% adding if I remember other things because there's definitely more.


  1. Haha, this was fun to read! I was really weird as a child too! XD


  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  3. Hey! what about the "Ramayan" and " Barbie as Rupunzel" you watched a million times ?


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